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About A Timeless Christmas

A Timeless Christmas is a holiday script (©2012) that can be performed by any size congregation with a minimal budget. The production, which was first performed at Central Assembly in Boise, Idaho in December 2012, requires a main cast of six (three couples depicting three seperate generations) and a supporting cast of nine. Set design can be simple to elaborate, depending on resources available, but it is recommended to have three different sections of the stage so that you can fully support the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE storyline. A stage crew of 4-6 is suggested to help change scenes and move various props between scenes. The entire production can be performed in under one hour.

The play follows one couple through three different stages of their life.

Ted and Becca are in their late teens/early 20s, attending college and dating. We are exploring their summer courtship and eventual Christmas Day marriage.

Ted and Becca Davis are in the early/mid 40s. They have two children (late pre-teen / late teen) and one "surprise" baby on the way. They are dealing with financial difficulties and major stress before the baby after Ted is let go instead of getting a promotion.

Ted and Becca Davis are in their early 70s and are great grandparents. They are trying to keep up with a life moving way too fast around them, but are holding close to the years they have had together and the faith that has brought them through ups and downs.

A Message From The Writer Of A Timeless Christmas

Kevin McNeese, Author Of A Timeless Christmas

Sometimes, I believe the themes of Christmas can get in the way of the bigger picture. The lights. The shopping. The dinners. The cards. How much of the season has been assigned to task lists and to-dos? Too much. So as a response, believers have stressed the "reason for the season." Putting the “CHRIST back in CHRISTmas.” Giving more, and receiving less. All excellent messages, filled with real truths that we should hold on to and remember. However, each year, I see us pack these sound bites away, along with the decorations and exhale loudly as we realize we've survived another crazy holiday season.

What are we left with when December 26th comes? That's a question I wanted to explore in A Timeless Christmas, and the answers brought me to places and scenes in life that look nothing like the busy, over-bloated holiday season we find ourselves in each year.

So in A Timeless Christmas, the cast won't break out in 3-part holiday harmonies. There is no nativity scene. There's no fake snow, or crammed shopping centers, or families gathered around a tree. In fact, half of the play takes place in the summer months! I can hear the chorus of the Christmas purists (myself included) chanting, "How could you?!" Let me explain.

The verse that derailed my Christmas spirit is Hebrews 13:8. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (NIV) My challenge to myself while writing A Timeless Christmas was to tell a different story. Something unique, that people have not seen, or heard before, especially during the holidays. And as I contemplated how Christmas is opened and closed each year, I felt a huge nudge
to give people a reminder that God's story continues! And that Christmas is but a small chapter in that story.

Christmas is such a special time for everyone. For most of us, it holds incredibly strong, and warm memories unlike any other time during the year. And for believers, it represents the beginning of the story. And that story--told in our yesterdays, todays and tomorrows and celebrated with friends and family as we reflect and look forward--is what makes this season timeless.

My prayer is that those who come see A Timeless Christmas in your community will leave knowing there is a God that was with them before they walked in, that sits with them as they watch, and He will be there for them tomorrow as another Christmas goes into the books. I pray that this script finds its way into churches across the nation (and possibly the world) and that this website and the resources we have put together, will take away the burden of putting a quality and impacting Christmas program together. We've done the hard work, proven the concept through multiple performances and I'm excited about sharing it with you and your local community this Christmas season. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

—Kevin McNeese

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